Fly Away Kids Bed

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Travel in Comfort With Your Little Ones

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Kids Bed Hire -Designed Comfort for Your Child’s Flight!

$2.85 / day , $20 / week

(RRP: $235)

Upgrade your child’s economy seat to a cosy flatbed with our premium Flyaway Kids Bed.

Designed in Switzerland, it’s the ultimate travel accessory for long flights!

🚀 Quick Inflate & Deflate: Ready in 90 seconds, deflate in an instant.
💦 Easy to Clean: Wipe clean for fuss-free maintenance.
🧸 Keeps Toys in Place: No more toys rolling onto the floor.
🎒 Handy Carry Bag & Pump: Included for convenience.
📏 Compact & Lightweight: 1.3 kg, 25cm x 25cm (deflated), 80cm x 50cm (inflated).
🌐 Fits Most Seats: Adjusts to economy, premium economy, and bulk-head seats.
✅ Airline Approved: Meets IATA guidelines for inflight comfort devices.

Book now for a comfortable flight experience!

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1 review for Fly Away Kids Bed

  1. Eda

    Honestly was our live saver on our 23 hour commute to Europe. 2 year old slept 8 hours on the 13 hour leg. It was so easy to inflate only took a minute! Seriously every parent needs this for an overseas trip!

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