Top 10 family-friendly activities to do in Wroclaw, Poland in 2023

1. Explore The Wroclaw Zoo & Afrykarium 🦁

Home to over 1,200 species, the Wroclaw Zoo & Afrykarium is a must-visit for families. The Afrykarium is a unique addition, offering an African-themed habitat for species native to the continent. Don’t forget to rent a stroller from Tiny Trek Rentals to make the visit more comfortable for the little ones.

2. Discover The Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain ⛲

Enjoy a spectacular display of water, light, and music at the Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain. This is especially magical during summer evenings. Remember, a rented high chair can come in handy when you want to feed your little one during the show.

3. Visit The Wroclaw Dwarf Hunt 🧙‍♂️

Engage your kids in this city-wide scavenger hunt for over 350 dwarfs scattered throughout Wroclaw. It’s a fun and interactive way to explore the city. Grab a baby carrier from Tiny Trek Rentals to keep your little adventurer comfortable during the hunt.

4. Spend a Day at Hydropolis 💧

A visit to the educational Hydropolis centre is a must. It offers interactive exhibits all about the world of water. Rent a pram from us to make your visit convenient and easy.

5. Visit The Baj Pomorski Theatre 🎭

This theatre hosts puppet shows that are a hit among children. Be sure to check their schedule in advance.

6. Enjoy The Wroclaw Science Centre & Planetarium 🌟

The Wroclaw Science Centre offers interactive exhibits and a planetarium, making it an ideal spot for both fun and learning. We suggest renting a playpen from Tiny Trek Rentals for your tiny tot’s safety while you enjoy the exhibits.

7. Relax at Szczytnicki Park 🌳

Take a leisurely walk or have a picnic at this beautiful city park. A rented stroller can help you navigate the park’s sprawling grounds with ease.

8. Explore The Japanese Garden 🏯

The serene Japanese Garden offers a tranquil escape. Remember, a baby carrier from Tiny Trek Rentals can make your visit more comfortable.

9. Visit The Wroclaw’s Dwarfs Festival 🎉

If you’re visiting in September, don’t miss the annual Dwarf Festival. This kid-friendly event includes dwarf parades, workshops, and games.

10. Explore The Market Square 🏰

Wroclaw’s main square is a hub of activity with plenty of restaurants and shops to explore. A high chair from Tiny Trek Rentals can be handy for meal times.

Family-friendly Accommodation in Wroclaw

Name Description
Hilton Wroclaw Offers spacious family rooms and kids’ menu.
Radisson Blu Wroclaw Provides children’s activities and babysitting services.
DoubleTree by Hilton Wroclaw Features family rooms and a heated indoor pool.

Remember, wherever you go in Wroclaw, Tiny Trek Rentals has all the baby equipment you need to ensure a smooth, enjoyable journey for your family. Safe travels! 🌍✈️