Top 10 family-friendly activities to do in Uppsala, Sweden in 2023

1. Explore the Uppsala University’s Gustavianum Museum🏛️

As Uppsala’s oldest building, the Gustavianum offers a unique exploration of Swedish history. It’s a great place to ignite your children’s curiosity about the world around them. The museum has several collections including archaeology, ethnography, art, and history. The highlight is the Augsburg Art Cabinet, considered the 17th century’s eighth wonder. The museum is also stroller-friendly, making it convenient for families with toddlers.

2. Enjoy a Day at Fyrishov Water Park🏊‍♀️

When it comes to kid-friendly activities, nothing beats a day at a water park. Fyrishov Water Park is one of Sweden’s largest and most popular water parks. It features indoor and outdoor pools, water slides, splash pads, and even a relaxation area for parents. They have dedicated toddler pools and rentable equipment like floaties and baby seats.

3. Visit the Uppsala Children’s Museum🧸

The Uppsala Children’s Museum is a fantastic place for children to learn and play. The museum is designed to stimulate children’s creativity and curiosity through various interactive exhibits. The museum is equipped with baby changing facilities, nursing rooms, and even rents out prams for easy navigation.

4. Discover the Uppsala City Park🌳

This beautiful park provides the perfect setting for a family picnic. The park also has a playground that is suitable for all ages. The Uppsala City Park is a great place to relax and let the kids run around while you unwind amidst nature.

5. Go on a Family Bike Ride🚲

Uppsala is a bike-friendly city with numerous bike paths and trails. You can rent bikes for the whole family from various places around the city. For smaller children, you can also rent bike trailers or child seats from Uppsala City Bike Share.

6. Visit the Uppsala Cathedral🕍

The Uppsala Cathedral is a must-visit. This is the largest cathedral in Scandinavia and is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture. The cathedral is accessible for prams and has facilities like baby changing rooms.

7. Explore the Botanic Gardens🌹

The Uppsala University Botanic Gardens are a treat for the entire family. The garden has a wide range of plant species and is a great place for kids to learn about nature. The gardens are stroller-friendly with wide paths and plenty of benches for resting.

8. Visit the Uppsala Castle🏰

Uppsala Castle offers a historical adventure for the whole family. The castle also offers stunning views of the city. The castle is equipped with lifts and ramps, making it accessible for prams and wheelchairs.

9. Enjoy the Local Cuisine🍽️

When it comes to food, Uppsala offers a wide range of family-friendly restaurants. Many restaurants offer kid-friendly menus and high chairs. Some popular choices include Lingon, Max, and Koh Phangan.

10. Take a Boat Tour🚤

Uppsala is beautifully located by the Fyris river. Taking a boat tour can be a fun and relaxing way to see the city. Most boat tours are family-friendly and provide life jackets for all ages. Check out Uppsala Boat Tours for more information.

Uppsala Family-Friendly Facilities

Facility Location Available Amenities
Gustavianum Museum Akademigatan 3, 753 10 Uppsala Stroller-friendly, Baby changing facilities
Fyrishov Water Park Idrottsgatan 2, 753 33 Uppsala Baby changing facilities, Toddler pools, Rentable equipment
Uppsala Children’s Museum Kyrkogårdsgatan 10A, 753 12 Uppsala Stroller rentals, Baby changing facilities, Nursing rooms
Uppsala Cathedral Domkyrkoplan 2, 753 10 Uppsala Stroller-friendly, Baby changing facilities
Uppsala Castle Drottning Christinas väg 1C, 752 37 Uppsala Stroller-friendly, Lifts and ramps