Top 10 family-friendly activities to do in Turin, Italy in 2023

1. Visit the National Cinema Museum and Mole Antonelliana 🎬

Start your family adventure in Turin at the National Cinema Museum. Housed in the iconic Mole Antonelliana, this museum offers a unique journey through the history of cinema with interactive exhibits that kids will love. Don’t forget to take the panoramic lift to the top of the Mole Antonelliana for a breathtaking view of the city! 🌇

2. Explore the Egyptian Museum 🏛️

Known as Museo Egizio, this museum houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities outside of Egypt. It’s a fascinating and educational place for the whole family to explore. They also offer dedicated family tours and children-friendly activities. 🧒👧

3. Discover the Royal Museums 👑

The Royal Museums complex includes the Royal Palace, Royal Armoury, Savoy Gallery, Archaeological Museum, and Royal Library. It’s like stepping into a history book, with grand rooms, stunning artwork, and fascinating artefacts.🖼️

4. Enjoy Parco del Valentino 🌳

This beautiful park along the River Po is perfect for a family picnic, relaxing stroll, or bike ride. Kids will love the playgrounds and you can even visit a medieval village and castle within the park, the Borgo Medievale. 🚲

5. Visit the National Automobile Museum 🚗

For families with car enthusiasts, the National Automobile Museum is a must. With over 200 cars from 80 different car brands, this museum is a journey through the history of the automobile. 🏎️

6. Discover the Universe at the Planetarium 🪐

The Turin Planetarium offers captivating shows about the universe and our planet. It’s a fun and educational activity that will fascinate kids and adults alike. 🌠

7. Explore the Museum of Natural Science 🦖

With collections ranging from geology and paleontology to botany and zoology, the Museum of Natural Science offers a fascinating insight into the natural world. Kids will love the dinosaur exhibits! 🦕

8. Have fun at Zoom Torino 🐼

Zoom Torino is a new concept of zoo that immerses you in the animals’ habitats. From the African Savannah to Madagascar, experience close encounters with animals like never before. 🦁

9. Enjoy Turin’s Gelato 🍨

No visit to Italy is complete without trying gelato, and Turin offers some of the best. Visit Gelateria Mara dei Boschi or Grom for a delicious treat your family will love. 🍦

10. Take a Day Trip to Superga Basilica

A tram ride up to the Superga Basilica offers stunning views of Turin. The basilica itself is beautiful, and you can climb to the top for more panoramic views. It’s a perfect day trip for the whole family. 🚋

Useful Information for Travelling with Kids in Turin

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