Top 10 family-friendly activities to do in Trondheim, Norway in 2023

1. Trondheim Maritime Museum 🚢

The Trondheim Maritime Museum is a must-visit in Trondheim. It’s a great place to introduce your kids to Norway’s vibrant maritime history. The museum offers interactive exhibitions, enabling kids to learn while having fun.

2. Ringve Music Museum 🎼

Located in the beautiful Ringve Botanical Garden, the Ringve Music Museum is a treat for music-loving families. The museum offers a journey through music history with its amazing collection of instruments from around the world.

3. Trondheim Science Centre 🔬

If your kids love science, then the Trondheim Science Centre is perfect for them. The centre has a variety of hands-on exhibits and activities that will make science fun and exciting.

4. Trondheim Tramway Museum 🚋

The Trondheim Tramway Museum is a fun-filled learning experience for kids. They can explore a collection of historic trams and learn about the city’s tramway history.

5. Nidaros Cathedral ⛪️

One of Norway’s most iconic landmarks, the Nidaros Cathedral is a must-visit. Kids will be fascinated by the stunning architecture and the history of this ancient cathedral.

6. Bakklandet 🏘️

Bakklandet, with its charming wooden houses and cobblestone streets, is perfect for a family walk. The area is home to many cafes and shops. Don’t forget to cross the Old Town Bridge for a wonderful view of the city.

7. Trondheim City Boat Tour 🛥️

A city boat tour is a fun way to see Trondheim from a different perspective. Kids will enjoy the boat ride and the beautiful views of the city and the fjord.

8. Trondheim Torg 🛍️

Trondheim Torg is the city’s main square and a great place for family shopping. It’s surrounded by numerous stores, cafes, and restaurants.

9. Munkholmen Island ⛱️

A short boat ride from Trondheim, Munkholmen Island is great for a family picnic. The island has a small beach and a historical fort that can be explored.

10. Trondheim’s Parks and Playgrounds 🌳🤸‍♀️

Trondheim has several parks and playgrounds where kids can run around and enjoy the outdoors. Marinen Park, located by the Nidelva River, is one of the popular ones.

Activity Location Cost
Trondheim Maritime Museum Kjøpmannsgata 75, 7010 Trondheim Adults: NOK 100, Children: Free
Ringve Music Museum Lade Allé 60, 7041 Trondheim Adults: NOK 130, Children: NOK 50
Trondheim Science Centre Kongens gate 1, 7011 Trondheim Adults: NOK 195, Children: NOK 165
Trondheim Tramway Museum Munkvoll, 7030 Trondheim Free admission
Nidaros Cathedral Kongsgårdsgata 2, 7013 Trondheim Adults: NOK 80, Children: Free

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