Top 10 family-friendly activities to do in Split, Croatia in 2023

1. Visit Diocletian’s Palace 🏰

One of the most significant and well-preserved structures of the Roman era, Diocletian’s Palace is a must-visit for families. Kids will love exploring the labyrinth of streets, hidden courtyards, and the grandeur of the palace.

2. Enjoy a day at Bačvice Beach 🏖️

Split’s most famous sandy beach, Bačvice Beach is perfect for a family day out. With shallow waters and soft sand, it’s ideal for little ones. There are also plenty of cafés and restaurants nearby for a quick bite.

3. Explore Marjan Park 🌳

A green oasis in the heart of Split, Marjan Park offers shaded paths perfect for strolling with your rented pram from Tiny Trek Rentals, playgrounds, and a zoo. It’s a great spot for a picnic too!

4. Visit the Split City Museum 🏛️

Located inside the Gothic-Renaissance Papalić Palace, the Split City Museum offers a fascinating insight into the city’s history. Plus, kids will love the medieval knight armours and weapons display.

5. Take a stroll along Riva Promenade 🚶‍♂️

This seafront promenade is perfect for a relaxing stroll with the family. Lined with palm trees and brimming with cafes, it’s a great spot to enjoy an ice-cream while soaking up the beautiful harbour views.

6. Visit the Froggyland Museum 🐸

An unusual and fun attraction, the Froggyland Museum showcases more than 500 stuffed frogs arranged in human-like scenarios. It’s sure to keep the kids entertained!

7. Go on a Boat Tour 🚤

Experience the beautiful Adriatic Sea on a family-friendly boat tour. Companies like Split Excursions offer trips to the stunning local islands.

8. Visit Klis Fortress 🏰

For families who love history and Game of Thrones, a visit to Klis Fortress, used as a filming location for the hit TV show, is a must. The views from the fortress are spectacular!

9. Try the local cuisine 🍽️

From local seafood to pastries, introducing your children to new flavours is part of the travel experience. Try Konoba Varoš for a family-friendly dining experience.

10. Visit the Split Aquarium 🐠

A hit with kids, the Split Aquarium houses a variety of marine species. From colourful fish to fascinating seahorses, it’s a great educational experience for the little ones.

Useful Info:

Attraction Opening Hours Admission Fee
Diocletian’s Palace Open 24 hours Free (individual attractions may charge)
Bačvice Beach Open 24 hours Free
Marjan Park Open 24 hours Free
Split City Museum 10:30am – 6:00pm 20 HRK (Adult), 10 HRK (Child)
Riva Promenade Open 24 hours Free
Froggyland Museum 9:00am – 10:00pm 40 HRK (Adult), 20 HRK (Child)
Boat Tour Varies Varies
Klis Fortress 10:00am – 4:00pm 60 HRK (Adult), 20 HRK (Child)
Split Aquarium 10:00am – 8:00pm 40 HRK (Adult), 20 HRK (Child)

Please note: Admission fees and opening hours may vary. Always check the official website before planning your visit.