Top 10 family-friendly activities to do in Gyeongju, South Korea in 2023

1. Explore the Gyeongju National Park đŸŒŗ

Start off your adventure in Gyeongju with a visit to the Gyeongju National Park. With its beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and historical sites, this park offers an exciting outdoor experience for the entire family. Pack a picnic and enjoy some quality family time surrounded by nature. Remember to rent a pram from Tiny Trek Rentals to make your hiking easier with the little ones!

2. Visit the Gyeongju World Amusement Park đŸŽĸ

Nothing screams family fun like a day at an amusement park, and Gyeongju World Amusement Park is definitely a must-visit. This park boasts a plethora of rides suitable for all ages, making it a perfect spot for families. Don’t forget to rent a stroller to keep your little ones comfortable throughout the day.

3. Discover The Gyeongju National Museum 🏛ī¸

Explore South Korea’s rich history at the Gyeongju National Museum. With exhibits ranging from prehistoric times to the Silla Kingdom, there’s plenty to see and learn. To make this visit more manageable with kids, a high chair or playpen from Tiny Trek Rentals can be handy!

4. Wander Around Shilla Millennium Park 🎭

Take a step back in time and experience life during the Silla Dynasty at Shilla Millennium Park. Here, you can watch historical reenactments, explore traditional houses, and even dress up in Silla period costumes. A rented pram will surely make this exploration easier for your family.

5. Enjoy Cheomseongdae Observatory 🔭

Discover the oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia, the Cheomseongdae Observatory. This is a great educational spot for kids to learn about ancient astronomy. Remember to carry a car seat for your child’s safety during the drive.

Top 5 Family-Friendly Restaurants in Gyeongju

Restaurant Specialty
Ipjangguk Traditional Korean Food
Bulguksa Food Vegetarian dishes
Cafe Maru Coffee and Desserts
Gyeongju Ssambap Organic Korean Food
Gyeongju Bread Factory Local Delicacies

6. Have Fun at Gyeongju Teddy Bear Museum 🧸

Pay a visit to the Gyeongju Teddy Bear Museum for a unique and enjoyable experience. The museum has various teddy bear exhibits, including miniature historical scenes. A playpen can be useful here to keep your little ones secure while you are exploring the museum.

7. Relax at Anapji Pond đŸĻ†

Experience tranquility at Anapji Pond, a beautiful artificial pond in Gyeongju National Park. It is a perfect spot for family picnics and leisurely walks. A stroller or pram can make your visit more comfortable.

8. Visit The Bulguksa Temple ⛩ī¸

No trip to Gyeongju would be complete without visiting the Bulguksa Temple. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a great place to teach your kids about Korean culture and history. Remember to rent a car seat for safe travels.

9. Explore Yangdong Folk Village 🏘ī¸

Visit the Yangdong Folk Village to experience traditional Korean life. This historic village offers an insight into the country’s rich past. Hiring a pram or stroller can make your exploration hassle-free.

10. Get Lost in Gyeongju’s Cherry Blossom Festival 🌸

If you’re visiting in spring, don’t miss the chance to witness the stunning Gyeongju’s Cherry Blossom Festival. The sight of thousands of cherry blossom trees in full bloom is a sight to behold. Renting a pram or stroller can help you navigate the festival with ease.

Key Takeaway 🎒

Gyeongju is a treasure trove of family-friendly activities that offer an enriching mix of fun, relaxation, and education. Don’t forget to make your journey easier with Tiny Trek Rentals, your trusted partner for all your baby equipment rental needs.