Discover the Best Family-Friendly Activities in Taichung for Unforgettable Travel Memories

Introduction to Taichung

Welcome to Taichung, Taiwan’s second-largest city! This vibrant metropolis is known for its incredible blend of rich culture, stunning natural beauty, and modern attractions. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveller, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in Taichung. And the best part? It’s an incredibly family-friendly destination with countless activities and experiences that cater to kids of all ages. So, if you’re planning a trip to Taiwan with your little ones, make sure you add Taichung to your itinerary. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the top family-friendly things to do in Taichung, from educational museums and lively night markets to sprawling parks and thrilling amusement parks. Let’s get started!👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Taichung’s Top Family-Friendly Attractions

  1. National Museum of Natural Science: This world-class museum offers a fascinating journey through the natural world with an incredible collection of exhibits, including a planetarium, a botanical garden, and a dinosaur exhibition. A perfect day out for curious kids and adults alike!🦕🌿
  2. Lihpao Land: Get your adrenaline pumping at this popular amusement park, featuring an array of thrilling rides, attractions, and shows for all ages. Don’t miss the Gravity Max, the world’s first tilting roller coaster!🎢
  3. Feng Chia Night Market: Immerse yourself in Taichung’s lively street food scene at this bustling night market. Sample delicious local treats, shop for unique souvenirs, and enjoy the electric atmosphere. A must-visit for families who love to eat and explore!🍢🛍️
  4. Calligraphy Greenway: Stretching over 3.6 kilometres, this expansive urban park offers a beautiful green space where families can stroll, cycle, and relax. The park also hosts various events and activities throughout the year, making it a great spot for some family fun!🌳🚲
  5. Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park: This former brewery has been transformed into a vibrant arts and culture hub, boasting a range of galleries, workshops, and performances. It’s a fantastic place for families to get creative and experience the local art scene!🎨🎭

Outdoor Activities in Taichung

Taichung’s natural beauty provides plenty of opportunities for families to enjoy some quality time outdoors. Here are some of our top picks for outdoor adventures in the city:

  • Dakeng Scenic Area: With its picturesque hiking trails and lush forests, Dakeng is a fantastic spot for families who love to explore the great outdoors. Choose from a range of trails suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and enjoy the stunning views along the way.🥾🌲
  • Maple Garden: This beautiful urban park is a perfect escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. With its serene ponds, colourful flora, and winding pathways, Maple Garden is a fantastic place for a leisurely stroll or a family picnic.🍁🧺
  • Wenxin Forest Park: This spacious park is home to a variety of sports facilities, including a basketball court, a soccer field, and a children’s playground, making it an ideal spot for some family-friendly outdoor fun.🌳⚽

Getting Around Taichung with Little Ones

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Final Thoughts

Taichung is an incredible destination for families, offering a fantastic mix of culture, adventure, and relaxation. With its exciting attractions, beautiful parks, and vibrant street life, there’s truly something for everyone in this bustling Taiwanese city. And with the help of Tiny Trek Rentals, exploring Taichung with your little ones has never been easier. So pack your bags, gather your family, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Taichung!✈️🇹🇼

Top 10 family-friendly activities to do in Taichung, Taiwan in 2023

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Top 10 Family-Friendly Activities in Taichung, Taiwan

As one of Taiwan’s most vibrant cities, Taichung is chock-full of fascinating cultural experiences, fantastic food, and fun-filled family activities. Whether it’s exploring the colorful Rainbow Village, indulging in local street food, or simply basking in the warm Taiwanese hospitality, Taichung offers a memorable adventure for families of all sizes. Here are the top 10 family-friendly activities to explore in Taichung.🇹🇼

1. Rainbow Village🌈

Every corner of this vibrant village is a masterpiece painted by a former soldier named Huang Yung-Fu. Let your kids’ imagination run wild as they explore this colorful world. Visit the Rainbow Village.

2. National Museum of Natural Science🦖

Discover the wonders of nature and science in this 5-part museum complex, featuring exhibits on everything from astronomy to paleontology. Explore the NMNS here.

3. Taichung Park🌳

Enjoy a leisurely afternoon feeding the ducks or rent a paddleboat to explore the park’s scenic lake. Discover Taichung Park.

4. Fengjia Night Market🍜

Experience Taiwan’s vibrant street food culture at Fengjia Night Market. Try some bubble tea and stinky tofu! Visit Fengjia Night Market.

5. Lihpao Land Theme Park🎢

Home to the biggest roller coaster in Taiwan, Lihpao Land is a thrill-seeker’s paradise. Experience Lihpao Land.

6. Gaomei Wetlands🌾

Explore the abundant wildlife and breathtaking sunsets at Gaomei Wetlands. Discover Gaomei Wetlands.

7. Taichung World Flora Exposition🌸

Witness the stunning floral displays and themed gardens at this internationally recognized exposition. Visit the Flora Exposition.

8. Calligraphy Greenway🖋️

Stroll through this urban park filled with art installations, outdoor cafes, and boutique shops. Explore the Calligraphy Greenway.

9. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts🎨

Discover Taiwan’s art history through the extensive collection of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts.

10. Miyahara Ice Cream🍦

Indulge in some of the best ice cream in Taiwan, served in a beautifully restored Japanese colonial-era ophthalmology clinic. Taste Miyahara Ice Cream.

Taichung Family-Friendly Accommodations🏨

When traveling with family, finding the right accommodation is crucial. Here are some family-friendly hotels in Taichung:

Hotel Name Location Website
Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung City Centre Website
Millennium Hotel Taichung 7 Taichung Kang Road Website
Splendor Hotel Taichung 1049 Jianxing Road Website

No matter what your family enjoys, Taichung offers a variety of activities to suit everyone. So pack your bags (and don’t forget to rent your necessary baby equipment from Tiny Trek Rentals before you leave), and get ready for an unforgettable family adventure in Taichung, Taiwan!🌏

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