Discovering Namur as a Family: A Guide to Family-Friendly Travel in Belgium

Introduction to Namur, Belgium

Located in the heart of the Wallonia region of Belgium, Namur is a charming city that offers a delightful and family-friendly experience for travellers. With its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant atmosphere, there is a wealth of activities and attractions for families to enjoy together. In this guide, we will explore some of the top family-oriented attractions and things to do in Namur, Belgium. 🇧đŸ‡Ș

Historical Attractions

Citadel of Namur

One of the most iconic landmarks in Namur, the Citadel of Namur is a must-visit destination for families. This ancient fortress dates back to the Roman era and offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding Meuse and Sambre rivers. Children will love exploring the tunnels, ramparts, and gardens within the fortress, while parents will appreciate the historical significance and architecture of the site.

FĂ©licien Rops Museum

For families with a passion for art and history, the FĂ©licien Rops Museum is an ideal destination. This museum is dedicated to the life and works of the famous Belgian artist FĂ©licien Rops and features a wide variety of his paintings, drawings, and sculptures. The museum’s kid-friendly guided tours and workshops make it an enjoyable and educational experience for the whole family.

Outdoor Activities

Jardin des Deux Tours

Looking for a serene and picturesque place to relax with your family? The Jardin des Deux Tours is a beautiful public garden located in the heart of Namur. With its lush greenery, vibrant flowerbeds, and tranquil ponds, this garden is an ideal spot for families to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Children can play and explore, while parents can appreciate the stunning views and peaceful atmosphere.

Les Jardins d’Annevoie

Another magnificent garden to visit in Namur is Les Jardins d’Annevoie. These 18th-century water gardens offer a unique and enchanting experience for visitors of all ages. The gardens are home to over 50 water features, including fountains, waterfalls, and canals, all surrounded by lush greenery and colourful flowers. Families can enjoy leisurely strolls through the gardens, picnics, and even participate in guided tours to learn more about the history and design of this magical place.

Family Fun and Entertainment

Railbikes of the Molignée

For an unforgettable family adventure, check out the Railbikes of the Molignée. This unique attraction allows families to pedal their way along a scenic, 6-kilometre former railway track through the picturesque countryside of the Molignée Valley. The railbikes are designed to accommodate two to four people, making it a fun and exciting experience for the whole family.

Escape Room Namur

If your family enjoys solving puzzles and working together, Escape Room Namur is the perfect activity for you. This exciting and interactive game challenges players to work together to solve clues, crack codes, and escape from a themed room within a set time limit. With a variety of different rooms and difficulty levels, there is a fun and engaging challenge for families of all ages and abilities.

Family-Friendly Dining

Namur offers a wide range of family-friendly dining options, so you can enjoy delicious meals together without any stress. Some popular choices among families visiting Namur include:

  • La Plage d’AmĂ©e – A scenic restaurant with a terrace overlooking the river, offering a diverse menu with options for children.
  • Le P’tit Resto – A cosy and welcoming family-owned restaurant that serves delicious Belgian cuisine, with a special menu for kids.
  • La RĂŽtisserie Namuroise – A popular spot for families, this restaurant serves a variety of grilled meats and tasty side dishes, with a dedicated children’s menu.

Preparing for Your Trip to Namur

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